Analysis of customer preferences for eggs

At the time of debate regarding ammendment to animal protection laws, we cooperated on an analysis of economic consequences of prohibiting the raising of chicken in cages. The ammendment has been passed, including the prohibition of raising chicken in cages. In the meantime, our student and now alumnus Nikola Nemjóová began working on the topic of egg consumption preferences. In her master's thesis, she investigated what drives Czech customers' egg purchase decisions, whether they are willing to pay more for cageless-raised eggs and whether they can be segmented based on their preferences and characteristics. 

20 Jul 2021

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The student obtained data from 450 respondents and her statistical analysis suggests that the group's chief concern was the way the chickens were raised (the better the living conditions, the greater the customer benefit). Price seems to be approximately half as important, closely followed by the eggs' origin (Czech preferred over Polish). Other factors, such as size or packaging, were even less important. Contrary to expectations, nothing indicated that lower price necessarily indicated greater customer benefit. The price and method of raising appeared as the most important segmentation criteria, however. For a greater part of customers, the way of raising was 5 times as important as price, followed by origin, with other aspects appearing insignificant. A minority of respondents considered price the most important (the lower, the better), with way of raising coming second. These respondents also despised the caging method, preferring raising in halls instead.

In conclusion, although low price remains an important factor for consumers, it is not the most important and raising in cages finds support in neither segment. Only 13% of respondents were unwilling to pay a greater price for eggs from non-caged chickens. We congratulte Nikola to her smooth defense of the thesis and excellent grade - A. 

Source: Nemjóová, 2021,

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