Market research for Neovize Brno eye clinic

A team of students performed a market study for Neovize Brno Eye Clinic. The study was led by our former colleague Klára Kašparová as part of the Marketing Research course. The clinic was interested in the attitudes of a certain group of people toward some of their services. Neovize was satisfied with the study to such an extent that they requested a follow-up study in the next semester, this time also led by Renata Čuhlová as part of the Marketing Communications course. The goal of the study was to find ways to effectively connect with the target demographic, educate it about services offered and motivate it to immediate consumption. The study was yet again a complete success. 

20 Jul 2021

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Thanks to the projects, students had not only the opportunity to fulfill their study requirements, but also to work with a real client. They worked on an attractive task with such success that they were awarded stipends in addition to the usual ECTS credits. We provide here a few select words by CEO of Neovize Brno Lenka Tozuvá from her evaluation of the provided study: 

"We were pleasantly surprised by the detailed preparation, work with theoretical models and their application to our assignment. The statistical analysis of questionnaires and interpretation of results was also interesting and in-depth. Some of the results basically confirmed our hunches, but some were quite surprising and we will surely make use of them in communications."

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